Sunday, 1 March 2020

11 Months, Going on 3 Years

1st of March. White rabbits white rabbits white rabbits. A tickling of spring traditionally, but the year is 2020 and the season brings "the Allweather" - wind/rain/hail/blue-skies have all been gushing in over the last weekend. 

I'm a month off going through a whole year, and the Allweather is giving my solar panels a good test to celebrate. I've left them out in much of the rain and hail, propped up by a couple of wooden planks and grim hope for the future. Mostly when some sunshine is forecast, but hiding them away if not, or if the weather looks too fierce. 

It's odd, knowing there's this direct connection, the joining-at-the-hips between batteries, communications, electronics, and weather, all the way up to the planet's forces changing around us. Around me. 

I'm feeling an increased awareness, that this way of life - consumption, convenience, comfort - cannot last. Aiming for these as our middle class values will get harder and harder, will start breaking us down as we are denied the things we think we've earned. I feel like this year, this is the edge of the tipping point. Everything will be different by March 1st 2022 (yes, 2 years, 2 more cycles for us to learn the new contexts). 

But... Different for whom? For me? For my circles? My family? My town? My country? 

Friday, 7 February 2020

A handbook for floating solar arrays

A Floating Solar industrial handbook launched - see the full PDF.

Probably more of academic interest if you're not into larger scale stuff, but interesting for things like its assessment of sites:

Simple frameworks like that can be really helpful at a small and individual scale too, and are great for getting new people on board. I've been thinking about doing something like this for USB-centric solar power which, despite its deliberately small scale, still has its challenges and contexts to consider.