Current Kit

A picture paints a thousand words, so here are some photos of my current solar setup.


I run off these three panels:

From top-to-bottom, that's the:
  • 60W SunKingdom panel, with 9 panels, 1 USB output and 1 18V DC output (bought May 2019)
  • A 20W KingSolar panel, with 4 panels and 2 USB outputs (bought May 2018)
  • A 10W Opteka panel, with 3 panels and 2 USB outputs (bought June 2013)

Batteries and cables

Here's what I use to store the energy from the panels:

This includes, cables from right-to-left then batteries from right-to-left:

 Not shown: Charging cable for Nintendo Gameboy Advance


The panels and batteries above support various USB-based devices I use, on a varying basis:

Daily usage:
  • Fairphone 2 mobile phone, for general use (bottom right)
  • Red Pebble smartwatch, for telling the time, being able to leave my phone where I want to, and for being able to turn off noisy notifications (next to the Fairphone)
  • Philips SHB9001 Bluetooth headphones, although they can drop back to wired audio for winter (top right)
  • Lixada LED book lamp, for portable, low level evening light (bottom left)
Irregular usage:
  • Amazon Kindle, for reading e-books - I do prefer real books, but this is handy (top left)
  • 2 8BitDo controllers for general game control (top left)
  • 1 Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP, for low-power retro-gaming (top)
  • 1 WiFi extender which can plug straight into one of the USB batteries when needed (middle, top)
  • 1 Bluetooth audio receiver (middle, right)
  • 1 set of bike lights (middle, rear light not shown)
  • 1 Apeman 4K camera (middle, bottom)
Not shown: A 2013 Nexus 7 tablet, for reading RSS feeds

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