Saturday 31 October 2020

Journal 2020-10-31: R(ain) & R(etreat)

Bit bleak for sunshine the last few weeks, as if the dry summer has suddenly remembered what the British weather is supposed to be like, and has spent a while catching up. Fortunately my medium-grey battery survived its overnight spell in a mini-storm, otherwise I'd be looking pretty low on juice.

As it is, and with life being pretty busy right now, I've reverted to 'the old ways' a fair bit. Phone's still good but my reader device lies fallow and I'm reading a lot of physical books currently. I've gone back to mains for the laptop though - just not enough opportunity at the moment to charge up the big travel battery.

But - as we approach the midpoint between equinox and solstice, it's a good time of year to take stock, start storing energy for the winter, and cut things back ready for the dark days. Some simple things you can do around this time are:

  • Hack back any phone apps, settings, files, and general usage patterns that you don't really need. Get rid of those games you haven't played in 6 months. Turn Location settings to 'battery saving' if you need them for COVID tracing apps. (I hear some countries have made the app mandatory now.) Give the screen a clean.
  • Stash any seeds from flower heads, fruits and herbs, ready for spring time. Make sure you decorate whatever you keep them in so they can feel proud.
  • Check through your cables for any duds - I spent 10 minutes with a USB checker and a battery, looking for low voltages and (mainly) loose connections. Use the same port on a USB battery each time for consistency, and give each cable a good wiggle to check if it cuts out - a few of mine got damaged when falling off roofs, for instance.

  • Spend some time among the changing weather - looking at it curiously from a window, standing outside breathing in the wind, or going for a walk to feel mud beneath your legs.

It's a beautiful time of year - every time I go outside there are yellow leaves carpeting the paths, and animals scurrying about looking to wrap up warm. The clouds are fast and bold here, riding on the chaotic winds belching out of the Atlantic.

Goodbye, summer.

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