Sunday 12 August 2018

Welcome to 6suns

Hello - this is 6suns, a new #solarpunk blog from Graham/Scribe/6loss/etc to write down updates and thoughts about running off solar power.

At time of writing, I've been running a smartphone and a smartwatch off solar power alone for 14 weeks - more details will be posted soon, but it's now the month to start thinking ahead to Autumn, so the challenge should start getting harder over the next 3 months.

I'll be posting short updates and photos here, as a sort of diary. You can follow along via the RSS feed here, or links to updates will be auto-posted to my Twitter stream at @6loss. (Any tips to auto-post to Gnu Social appreciated!)

The challenge so far has been fairly straightforward - the British weather has been very warm and sunny this year (thanks, climate change!) but I've learnt a lot about batteries, phone efficiency, and routine along the way. I suspect I've still got a lot to learn, which is what this blog is about!

If you're along for the ride, thanks for reading. Do drop me a line one way or another with any feedback.

- Scribe
Sunday 12th August 2018, Seaford, UK

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