Friday 10 January 2020

Down to Dregs

January 10th, and all my batteries are down to their last light. Dragging out my usage to the edges now - Bluetooth is off, not listening to music. I could probably have avoided those Pokemon bouts and charging the news reader tablet though. 

There's a bit of sun forecast so I should get a few more days. But after 9 and a half months, I'm facing a crunch point. Let's think hypothetically though - if I was solely dependent on solar power right now, what would I do? Wrap things up and switch off till the sun came back? Why not? Is anything so urgent that it needs to be carried around with me at all times? 

I've been discussing approaches to energy usage when an Internet acquaintance. We've raised the notion of "reactive" and "respectful" energy and usage - the idea of doing stuff based on the resources available, rather than vice versa. 

Is this a good moment to explore that in depth? 

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